What happens when I report a player?

The report system is another open source, although still experimental plugin of mine on GitHub. The short story is: each report calculates a "weight" for how important that report is. If a player accumulates enough "weight", then a demo is recorded. Ancillary programs then do a combination of steam messages and email messages so I (or other admins) can review the demo.

Can I spam reports to troll you?

No. This is specifically guarded against. If you abuse the system, you will automatically be unable to make more reports. You will be unaware of when this happens.

Do you need admins? Can I be one?

Part of my goal as a software developer is creating systems that require little to no human intervention. Some examples of that are the player report system and an automatic mic-spam detector plugin.

That said, sometimes admins help. However, it mostly follows "don't call me, I'll call you".

How do the retakes stats work?

The stats calculate per-round RWS (similar to ESEA), but normalize it according to the number of players in the server and their ratings. Each round, your rating from that round is incorporated into a moving average that weights more recent rounds more, but keeps your full history. Additionally, rating values will decay to around 10.0 if you don't play for a long period.

Can I have a reserved slot?

Only if you're a current pro player or have at least made MDL playoffs before.

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